Bletchley Park

May 8th Bletchley Park VE Day Celebration


Come and join us as we visit Bletchley Park as they celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. This year’s early May bank holiday has been moved back by four days for the whole of the UK to celebrate.

The visit will form part of a weekend of national commemorative events, being held across the country.Bletchley Park will be marking the occasion with a special themed VE Day Celebration Weekend.

Join us for live 1940s live music, dancing, delicious food and drink and much more as we turn red, white and blue for our very own street party. ‘Meet’ Winston Churchill and listen to one of his speeches to take in some of the spirit of VE day 75 years ago. Come dressed for the part in your 1940’s outfit, wave the flag of our great nation and have a history lesson from this fantastic venue.

You can also join in with the UK-wide Nation’s Toast at 3pm with a special Bletchley Park gin cocktail or mocktail.

Special family activities will be running all weekend. Admission to all activities included with a general admission ticket.

Bletchley Park holds internationally significant collections, once the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers and is now a vibrant heritage attraction.

Explore the story

The collection held at Bletchley Park focuses on items relating to the wartime story of Bletchley Park, with particular focus on codebreaking activities and the Codebreakers. As much of the evidence of codebreaking activity was destroyed after World War Two, the c. 450,000 objects and documents that remain are of international significance.

The Trust’s own collections include personal items from Veterans, such as diaries, letters and recollections, and oral histories that add unique personal insight into the wartime code-breaking activities. In addition, Bletchley Park is a repository for objects
and documents on long-term loan from GCHQ’s historical collection. These include many of the key items that relate to the code breaking story, such as relevant cypher machines and original paperwork.

The archaeology of the site, and the still existing buildings, are classed as heritage assets and are also a formal part of the collection. They stand as striking evidence to the work and life of the Codebreakers and the evolution of the ‘intelligence factory’
that developed during World War Two.

Search the Roll of Honour for a Bletchley Park Veteran.

The Bletchley Park Roll of Honour lists all those believed to have worked in signals intelligence during World War Two, at Bletchley Park and other locations. Compiled from information in official sources, publications and provided by veterans, friends and families.

Please note, they may have no information about anyone whose name does not appear in the Roll of Honour.

Bletchley Park 8th May
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